The Tech 🤓

As you may appreciate, it is hard to patent code. In order to retain first mover advantage, our code will be opensource and published on GitHub upon project launch. Links to our GitHub will be provided on launch of the project. For now please find a high level overview below.

SELF identities are, in fact, an NFT, using the ERC721 standard. We have designed it with this standard so that your registered identity can be transferred to other addresses under your control or sold to a third party.

Our NFT solution runs on the BNB Chain due to utility requirements but it includes other non-EVM chain processing as well.

All transactions and products are on-chain and decentralised. SELF, under no circumstances, will be able to modify any data contained within an NFT, nor will it be able to transfer it to another address. Once you purchase a SELF identity and the NFT is minted, that NFT becomes your exclusive property to hold, use, sell or transfer as you wish.

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