The SELF token is currently available as a BEP20 standard token

The project envisages a future expansion to the ERC20 standard when a bridge has been completed enhancing its utility and reach. Currently, the core focus is on refining the inherent utility of the product.

The SELF utility NFTs use the ERC721 and are deployed on BNB Smart Chain.

The total supply of 500 million tokens is judiciously distributed as follows:

ItemPercentage of SupplyTotal SELF




Public Sale



Marketing Partners



Promotion Tokens












Max Total Supply



Burns Completed

June – 4,968 tokens 0.001%

July – 534,400 tokens 0.1%

Total tokens burned at the end of July 539,368 0.1% supply.

Token burns are completed on a monthly basis and as standard are currently set to 5% buy back and burn of revenue, however, the project may increase this for promotional requirements, a change in circumstantial needs or may decrease it, at its own discretion.

The SELF token is designed to gradually transition into a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) structure. As the project progresses towards this shift, updates will be provided periodically.

Staking Tokens

Staking is a popular utility feature for tokens in the DeFi sector. Our staking platform is designed to operate over multiple years. APR will vary depending on the token pool size at any given moment. A bonus percentage will be available for presale buyers for a limited period post-launch.

While the staking emissions schedule is based on a five to ten-year vesting period, it may be subject to changes due to external regulatory requirements and therefore, allocated staking tokens are subject to any type of change.

Operations tokens are to be used for the ongoing functions of the project which will include:

Marketing, Exchanges Development, Treasury, Liquidity and General Operations

Our strategy involves dynamically allocating these resources to areas where they can yield maximum impact.

Marketing is an important part of promoting both the SELF brand and its suite of products, the company shall determine on each occasion whether marketing should be allocated in tokens, with or without vesting, or USDT.

Listings on exchanges require listing fees and tokens.

Treasury Tokens may be used for allocations to VCs and other types of investors/partners which are integral to the ongoing development of the project.

Liquidity tokens will be used to provide liquidity at numerous exchanges

Team Tokens

Team tokens are granted to key team members as a form of reward and incentive.

Team Tokens will be vested quarterly between months 3 and 12 following launch. Vesting in terms of total token supply, therefore, shall be a maximum of 4.05% per quarter.

Team tokens have been allocated as follows. Should a team member leave during their first year, they will be required to repay the relevant pro-rated amount of tokens awarded which will subsequently pass on to their replacement on the same terms.

CEO - 24.7%

COO - 18.5%

CTO - 18.5%

CPR - 12.3%

CMO - 11.1%

Ambassador 1 - 8.6%

Strategic Advisor – 6.2%

The tokens have all been minted but some remain vested


Round 1 - Pre Public Sale (SOLD OUT - 8 HOURS)

Price: $0.005 (200 SELF per $1)

Tokens Available: 33,000,000

Vesting: Launch 25%

3 months after launch 25%

6 months after launch 25%

9 months after launch 25%

Round 2 - Pre Public Sale (SOLD OUT - 4 HOURS)

Price: $0.0065 (Approx 153 SELF per $1)

Tokens Available: 33,000,000

Vesting: Launch 25%

3 months after launch 25%

6 months after launch 25%

9 months after launch 25%

Round 3 - Pre Public Sale (SOLD OUT - 1 HOUR)

Price: $0.008 (125 SELF per $1)

Tokens Available: 14,000,000


1% on Launch 3% every 8 days

Total Raised in Pre-Sales $491,500

Public Sale - Mid-April through to Launch

Price: $0.02 (50 SELF per $1)

Tokens Available: 4,317,708


100% on Launch

Marketing Partner Round

During this period, SELF established a long-term marketing partnership wherein the partner received tokens as compensation for services. These tokens were allocated at a rate equivalent to the price of $0.005 per token (the price during the first presale round). Moreover, several influencers expressed interest in participating in the presale. These influencers purchased tokens at a cost of $0.005 per token, matching the price set during the first presale.

Total tokens sold for Strategic Marketing and to influencers totalled 5,682,292

It's important to note that the tokens allocated to the influencers are vested. Moreover, the vesting of tokens purchased by influencers will follow the same schedule as those from the first and second presale rounds.

Promotion Tokens (10,000,000 SELF):

These tokens serve as rewards for presale buyers and for those who have facilitated introductions to the project during the presale rounds. Additionally, a portion of these tokens is earmarked for various initiatives during the first years of the project, including Twitter, Zealy,community, and Discord competitions.


Any promotional tokens earned during presale have been distributed.

Any promotional tokens earned during the remainder of the promotional token vesting shall be vested according to the specific terms of the relevant competition.

Operations tokens:

These tokens are scheduled to vest over a period of 5 years, with a monthly vesting rate of approximately 3.65 million tokens. There may be instances where the project defers vesting, or in contrast, opts for larger vesting tranches up to three months' worth in special cases. Such decisions are typically driven by the need to execute contracts of significant magnitude.

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