Token Transfers

So let's say that your SELF identity is @john, and you added your BTC and TRX addresses to it (ETH, BSC, MATIC or AVAX addresses are automatically supported). Hello John, nice to meet you. And let's say that your Twitter and Instagram accounts are also @john. Nice. And you'd like to receive donations or accept crypto payments. Well, thanks to SELF, after informing your audience or friends that you accept payments in BTC, TRX and ETH, you will have two options:

You publish your long, never-ending and unappealing crypto address, leaving people to try to copy and paste without transposition error, burn their eyes while checking the address 20 times before pressing the "Send" button and panic until they hear the word "Received".

Or you could ask people to send crypto to @john, your SELF identity. You are welcome.

Transactions will be forwarded automatically to the correct crypto address. So, If somebody sends you BTC, it will go straight to your BTC address, and the same applies to any crypto address you have added to your SELF identity profile.

I told you that this was going to be your lucky day.

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